Hi I’m Paul.

I first became aware of the Happynesshub at the beginning of this year when it first launched the 21 Days to Happiness programme. I was full of the promise of committing to follow the course to the letter, EVERY DAY. I was mindful with the meditations, I exerted with the exercises, read all the research and did the homework diligently (I even bought a new notepad, I was that committed).

Spoiler alert: after the first week or so (who am I kidding the first few days) “life” started to take over. I started to be less diligent with the homework (I lost the new notepad) and cherry picked the days I wanted to commit to. At the end of the three weeks I felt a bit of a fraud – I spoke confidently about the benefits I felt I’d gained but wondered deep down what would really have happened if I’d taken it as seriously as I promised myself I would.

So here’s the challenge. Experience the possibility of being happy/happier/happiest for 21 days. Easy right? This time I’m putting it at the forefront of my day, more important than that extra 15 minutes in bed, the trip to the coffee shop and the work emails that are calling to me.

I can’t actually remember the last time I committed to something each day for this amount of time and actually stuck to it. So here goes.