I watched Sally’s video early this morning and wondered what would be my ‘happy moment’ in a very busy day at work. I always try to be cheerful during the working day but I really wanted a ‘special’ moment.

In my lunch hour to my delight I saw a handsome husky dog lying in the sun whilst the owner was chatting on her phone. He sat up as I approached and raised his head for a pat. His fur was so soft to my touch, he then made gentle grunting noises of delight as I tickled his ears. He was so still and I felt a real connection that we were both in the same ‘moment’ together.

As a dog lover I was thrilled I had such a loving response from him. As I was about to leave his owner said, “you were very honoured, he doesn’t do that for everyone”.

That was my special moment, and I’m still smiling!