The Happynesshub is here to provide you with practical tools that will empower you to make a genuine and real difference to your emotional wellbeing and happiness.

As we grow, so will our packages, and to kick off our launch we are excited to offer our very first free of charge toolkit: 21 Days to Happiness. Please subscribe via our home page.

21 Days to Happiness

Starting on January 11th 2015, this 21-day package brings together research from around the globe to offer you practical tips to start the New Year off as you mean to go on!

You will access a daily short film (approximately 15 minutes) focusing around calming your mind through gentle breathing techniques and stretching. And every day there will be a ‘Happiness Hint’ suggesting a positive step for you to make that, if repeated, will deliver real change. There will be bundles of research for those who are interested, but if you’re one of those that just likes to delve in, give it go.

Some of the days will really resonate, others may not. Some may follow the films, others will take away the tips. But if you only come away with one thing that can make a real difference then it will have been worthwhile. So do the whole 21 days if you can. But if not, dip in and out. It may be just a few minutes out of every day to change your life. Go on – click here to subscribe!