Wednesday Wisdom

Week 4


This Wednesday Wisdom is focussed specifically on managing anxiety. Times such as these can be challenging, and for a multitude of reasons, you might be experiencing feelings associated with stress and anxiety.

Anxious feelings are entirely normal and are generally a healthy response to uncertainty and danger, however, they can also become overwhelming at times. If you are feeling panicky or stressed, today’s resources may alleviate some of these emotions.

“Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.”
– Robert Tew


Try this activity to reduce muscle tension during anxious moments:

  • Sit quietly in a comfortable place. Close your eyes and start to notice your breath.
  • Make a tight fist with one hand, and hold for a few seconds.
  • Notice all the tension you feel in your hand.
  • Slowly open up your fingers, remaining aware of the sensation. You might notice a feeling of tension leaving your hand, with your hand relaxing and feeling lighter.
  • Starting from your feet, tense and then relax each muscle group mindfully.

N.B. Avoid doing this in any area of the body where you are injured or have pain.
5 minutes+


Simple breathing animations such as this can be a huge support when you are feeling panicky or anxious. If you would like one on your phone, the Calm app has an animation built in that you can access any time.
However long it takes


Help Guide has lots of fantastic advice for coping with anxiety during this current period.
10 minutes