Breathing and Meditation

Welcome to the Happynesshub meditation space. As time goes by we will be adding to our offerings, and providing you with different approaches, practices and teachers, since our experience is that meditation is a very personal thing. Many people struggle either with meditation or even the thought of it. Our belief is that even if one way doesn’t work for you, there will be something out there that does, that supports you in quietening your mind and feeling the benefits of the practice.

So we are here to give you some practical support, offer up alternatives and suggest that only five minutes practice a day could make a real difference to your life.

How to Meditate

There are many different ways to quieten the mind and it can be simple. Try to find somewhere comfortable and sit upright in a chair with your feet flat on the floor (or if you prefer you can sit cross legged) with your hands resting on your knees. If you prefer, lie on your back on the floor, feet apart, arms by your side. Make sure the space is quiet and turn all phones off.

Try not to worry about anything, or be anxious. If and when you notice thoughts, gently let them go by. Don’t try to empty your mind. Meditation is not about that. Imagine thoughts are temporary visitors, acknowledging them but without judgment, becoming detached whilst you allow them to float by.

If you are a beginner to meditation, or just need some support, find out more by watching Marta’s tips!




21 Days

If you are physically unable, or simply don’t have the time to follow our 15-minute daily videos of breathing, stretching/ strengthening and meditation, please consider practising our 10-minute breathing and meditation film. If really tight for time we have a 5-minute meditation practice for you too. The key is regular daily practice – this is what will deliver real change.

Also see our 2-minute emergency meditation practice video below.

If you would prefer sound only, try our 5 new audio meditations. You can pick how long you’ve got and then just click and go!

Breathing and Meditation

Breathing and Meditation – no music


Meditation – no music

Emergency Meditation

Emergency Meditation – no music

Why meditate?

Recently, meditation has started to become more mainstream, arriving in schools, getting stamps of approval by the medical profession, and being discussed throughout the media. Without doubt, whatever approach you take, there is a large body of evidence showing that being present, and quietening the mind, has vast benefits from greater clarity and focus to resulting in less anxiety and more calm. It can literally transform your happiness levels and wellbeing (both physically and mentally).

By improving our breathing habits too, we can notice real change – releasing tension and replenishing our energy, becoming more centered and self-aware. When you are feeling really stressed just try stopping, taking three big deep breaths in and out, and place your focus on them. See if this makes you feel different.

If you then add gentle movement to the equation alongside breath awareness, (as in our 15-minute films) this can help clear toxins and restore a balance between the mind and body, making meditation practice easier.

So whatever your approach, try to set some time aside daily and give it a go! We look forward to hearing about what works for you.