This will be an ever-expanding space as our team continues to explore this fascinating area of research. Be it scientists, academics, doctors, spiritualists, authors or others in the know, our team is beavering away to provide you with cutting edge research from around the globe on how we can really make a difference to our emotional wellbeing and happiness.

21 Days

Here is a sampling of some of the source research you may find interesting. There is an abundance of work out there, old and new, so this is just a taste. If, like us, you are interested in the validity of research, sifting through below will inform you further. We hope you find the information enlightening – and do get in touch at if there is a particular piece of work (research, talk, film, book or otherwise) you’d like to share.

Finding Happiness
Positive Focus
Be Present
Digital Detox
Don’t Compare
Choosing Happiness
Self Compassion
Positive Speech
Happy Songs
Limiting Happiness
Use Your Strengths
Phone Sabbath
Awe Walk
New Habits
Health & Happiness