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Sallyann Keizer
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Hello Heroes! How lovely to touch base with you all. You are all on my mind and thinking of you has kept my spirits lifted these last 10 days of poorliness. It’s so good to hear that some are finding the meditations useful, Aris do keep them up because I think they will greatly benefit you. Lesley too. I find that the real benefits kick in after 3 weeks. But (not a good word) I have skipped the odd day and I find my head starting to spin, especially as I am unwell. It is always when I most need the meditation that I most find it hard to do. So, I am going to try again today, and listen to one of Marta’s meditations. On the Happyensshub Hint side I am glad that many of you are managing to do the exercises. Some will resonate more than others with each of you, but I can assure you that each and every Happyynesshub Hint has been proven to make a real difference in our happiness levels. Again, sometimes a day will come my way and I feel i just can’t manage it, but, the more we practise them, the more they become ingrained. And when you do have a ‘bad day’ that day is not ‘as bad’ and the cloud passes quicker than it used. That is how I find it anyway. Also, may I say to all the Heroes, I have a feeling you are all givers in life. I certainly know some of you and I know you are! Sometimes you need to find time to give to yourself. One of my biggest hurdles is being kind to myself. I love being kind to others, but I am so harsh on myself. So I hope that the self-compassion day helped some of you Heroes too! Sending you all my love. Tomorrow is a fun day which we all can enjoy. I think it will lift your spirits. And I am thinking about having a Heroes party – what do you think? Big hugs and love Sallyxxx