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    Hi All,

    How’s the first week gone?

    We’re following Day 6 and the Digital Detox today, so the team here are signing off until 10am Sunday morning.

    Any blogs or posts will be sorted first thing Sunday, so please don’t worry about that, and if you need to get in touch about anything then please do text or call, Catherine has sent you my number by email yesterday.

    Happy Day 6 Happynesshubbers!


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    I am sure that this Digital Detox cast a spell in my house, I’m not a big user of modern tech, in fact I’ve only just changed my very old Nokia (all it did was text and phone) to an I phone. The Sky box kept on turning itself on and off, I pad went a bit strange and the phone lost itself for an hour or two! I went with the flow and so far they are all behaving!

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    I missed out on the digital detox – ironically because I forgot to check my email. I honestly did :)

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    Haha, good excuse Tim F.
    Being away from the house for pretty much the whole of past three days meant I had an incidental (semi) digital detox. I may have used my phone a little to get directions, read a little news in the sunshine (I would have much prefered a newspaper if I’d had the choice) and make vital arrangements that couldn’t be put off but it felt glorious not having it on me during meals and really being able to be in the moment in conversations.
    I’m definitely trying to implement no phone/digital technology areas and times in my house to create long term habits of not relying on it and to waste less time needlessly browsing. Now the challenge is to persuade my partner to join me!

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