I’ve Got a Confession: My Battle with WHEN

So I’ve got a confession. As you may have guessed from my last blog, my Happynesshub regime has been slipping. I’ve not been too focused on it. You could say I’ve neglected it. Or, go on, let’s be honest, I’ve outright been ignoring my own sound advice. Digital detox – are you joking?! My [...]

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Top Tips to a Happy Easter!

By Catherine Robinson What does Easter mean to you? It may be clichéd, but for me it’s the perfect occasion to spend quality time with my friends and family: having a giggle; gaining a few (unwanted, but accepted) pounds; and reflecting on the big questions in life… and death. Other than getting a [...]

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Broken Boilers, Hospital Beds, Gratitude and Acceptance

My boiler is broken. The house is cold. And I have just returned home from having a small operation that was not as successful as I’d hoped. George Clooney has not been in touch. And my toothbrush, although delightful, is no longer giving me the satisfaction I had imagined (past blog readers will understand [...]

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How Stumbling Blocks Became Stepping Stones

Cartoon credit: Jonathan Pugh By Rachel Kelly After a long battle with depression, I now feel calm and well. It feels as if I have my Black Dog on a tight leash thanks to many different strategies: I think of it as having a toolkit, which I dip into according to what I may [...]

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Breaking the Contract: Single and Sunny

When I was a child, like many, life seemed simple. I didn’t think about if I was happy or not, I just lived in the present moment. But if anyone had asked me about ‘when I grow up’, I would have absolutely assumed happiness would be mine. At five, I had my future planned out: [...]

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