So an update on the duck…it still doesn’t float.


A friend who lives in the USA read my last posting and told me that there was a hole in the bottom of the duck, so I should fill it with water and then it would float….so I tried it….and still no luck. This has no relevance for the blog but I thought I would share it with you. Oh and thanks for the suggestion.


Looking through the last few days on kindness and giving, I think I’m doing ok, most of the time. I do try to help people when I can but I do still have my moments though when someone crosses you or rubs you up the wrong way….I think that’s when Marta’s emergency meditation might need to come into action!


Self-compassion is the one I struggle with and it’s always a battle. Particularly within the creative industry where everyone has a different opinion it’s too easy to take criticism or comments as ‘They hate everything I do!’ rather than taking the praise and thinking the fact that the latest series is regularly in the top 10 it must be good. No, it is brilliant! There I’ve said it!


Still as I take on board what the 21 Days to Happiness has to offer the journey continues……