A MAPP To Calm

Fitting meditation into our lifestyles isn’t always easy, especially when there’s loads to do - and squeezing in a 10 minute time-out seems like an impossibility. So, in the run up to Christmas (there’s just over 4 weeks to go, don’t panic), I thought I’d add some meditative spice to my mindfulness [...]

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The Good, The Bad And The Bits In-Between

It’s October, about a week after my plane occurrence (for those of you who don’t know I had to emergency land after an engine failure) and I feel genuinely sad. I’d been shaky since the incident, a bit teary, and I was now feeling a strange mixture of emotions – most of [...]

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What Goes Up Must Come Down. (It’s Just How).

I’m at the airport departures. I’ve said goodbye to my brand new fluorescent green suitcase (surely that won’t get lost AGAIN - don’t ask) and I'm off to speak the next day at a TV conference in Cannes. As I bid farewell to Magical Marta, for some reason, I say to her [...]

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