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“Hi I’m Paul. I’m currently juggling being an actor and TV Producer from London. I can also juggle. I’ve been dipping into the Happynesshub since it launched this year and now really looking forward to the opportunity to see how it can make a difference on a daily basis. Bring on the 21 days :-)”

My Filter Is Better Than Yours

#filter #nofilter #allthefilters. Currently I’m loving a good filter – all the photos on my phone now seem to be layered in as many filters as I can manage without making landscape shots of the London suburbs look like it's the Bahamas. (It’s never that bright where I live). In fact, [...]

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Wellbeing and Mental Health in Education

  Hearing about the pressures of school life today makes me feel old. Really old. Apart from the exam stress and, “who will I hang out with today?” I don't really remember that much about my Skool Dayz. Except, perhaps, for the time that we locked the German teacher out of the classroom, [...]

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Virtual Reality – The Power of our Minds

Waiting in the queue to pick up my theatre ticket wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. The box office computers were down and the box office staff were busily trying to get people’s tickets to them before the show started. Trying not to worry as the queues got longer, I was convinced I’d [...]

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All Aboard The Fitness Train

New year, new me and I’ve decided I’m going to get fit. I’ve bought a new gym top, charged my fitness watch and bought the essential fitness magazines. One magazine said that a “smartly constructed one-minute workout was found to be as effective as 45 minutes of moderate exercise’. Great I thought, I [...]

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A MAPP To Calm

Fitting meditation into our lifestyles isn’t always easy, especially when there’s loads to do - and squeezing in a 10 minute time-out seems like an impossibility. So, in the run up to Christmas (there’s just over 4 weeks to go, don’t panic), I thought I’d add some meditative spice to my mindfulness [...]

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Meditating on Meditating

Meditation – it’s the buzz word I’m trying to integrate into my life….”Cup of tea and a meditation?”…. “Game of Tennis then a post match meditate?” I’ve always had this desire to see myself as a really experienced meditator, so I can talk about the benefits, feel the benefits and then eventually meditate on [...]

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