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Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly. Hi all! With a thirst for knowledge and love of understanding about how we work as individuals and societies it made sense for me to become a journalist. But with a desire to share the positivity in the world – there is a lot of it! - and to encourage one another to open up, form strong communities and strengthen our wellbeings as a collective, it has been the most natural transition for me to turn into a Happynesshub aficionado. Hoping the work here will bring a little bit of sunshine into all of our lives :-)

How to Save the World and Control Your Emotional Hijack

On one lovely sunny evening not so long ago, I found myself in a conference hall talking to strangers as if we were old friends. Sharing our hopes and dreams for the world and ourselves, we were in a London venue aptly named Friends House. The reason why: Action for Happiness [...]

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My Formula For Happiness

What is happiness? Now that is a question! And one for a much longer conversation but here’s a start… An underlying peace. Well-being. Joy. Love. Hope. Purpose. Belonging. Contentment. The ability to survive. My Formula (Caveat: It’s nothing new) Don’t search for happiness. You will always be chasing a dream. Instead, live and [...]

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Making Something Beautiful Out of Something Sad

For those of you who don’t know - I was at my gran’s cremation this Monday. After the service, the Funeral Director approached me, since I was the one who had made the arrangements, and he asked me what to do with the flowers. The crematorium had a patio for remembrance where we [...]

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