What is happiness?

Now that is a question! And one for a much longer conversation but here’s a start…

An underlying peace. Well-being. Joy. Love. Hope. Purpose. Belonging. Contentment. The ability to survive.

My Formula

(Caveat: It’s nothing new)

Don’t search for happiness. You will always be chasing a dream. Instead, live and enjoy the moment. If it’s a tough moment to enjoy: remember the greater good; and remember you’re not alone. Connect. Speak positive. Think positive. Let the positive outweigh the negative. Use this as motivation. Don’t beat yourself up. Be kind to others. Treat yourself. Treat others. Find a purpose. Have ambition. Be aware. Don’t rely on technology. Don’t live for work. Don’t live for money. Know that you have skills. Use them. Enjoy the fresh air and beauty that surrounds us. Find beauty wherever you can. Let go of anger. Let go of guilt. Find freedom. Be free. Be silly. Focus. Move. Rejoice. Laugh. Sleep. Breath.

Happiness is not selfish. Happiness is not frivolous. Happiness is not unrealistic. Happiness is not out of our control.

We all deserve it. And we are all better for it. As individuals. As communities. As societies. Fact.

Now what ‘Happy Number’ will you choose to be today?