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Writing this many words about myself, my experiences and my decidedly regular life seems a little hedonistic, but this is required of me as a Happynesshub Hero (and it’s actually quite cathartic so I’ll do it anyway).

This week has been a busy one, between studio time, presentations, gigs, essay submission dates and work. Despite this, I find myself at my calmest, maybe because I appreciate moments of silence more, or maybe because of the recent change in my physical self. It’s been almost two weeks since I officially came off my medication, and a year since I became vegan! This was a decision I can only compare to a couple who have been together for long enough that getting engaged is the best thing to do. The next step. Vegetarianism and I had a good run, but I felt like taking it further, and I feel so much better having done it.

But before I begin singing the praises of cruelty free eating, I will side-step into the discussion of another change in lifestyle that has benefitted me in a short amount of time. Happynesshub has encouraged me to be as kind to myself as I like to think I am to others. Happynesshub has me writing down three positive things about my day every evening, and meditating, and appreciating flowers and being grateful for my loved ones and a plethora of other things that I assumed I was already doing.

Because I haven’t had much time to follow Happynesshub’s 21 day challenge, much of my day tomorrow will be spent catching up on things like de-cluttering my bedroom (I’ll be donating a hefty bag of clothes to a charity shop nearby) and writing letters of gratitude to three important people in my life. I’ve chosen my parents and my boyfriend, three people who have helped me enormous amounts over the last year. I may or may not post a picture of the letters (depending on how soppy they are) but I have noticed the positive effect of just drawing up a mental draft of what I’ll write. Merely thinking about everything these three people have done for me has made me feel more grateful that I have them in my life.

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“I’m Denver. I’m a jazz vocalist studying at the London College of Music. I like traveling, learning more about compassionate lifestyles (I have been vegan for about a year), and sharing what’s going on in my head.”


  1. soo poole April 25, 2016 at 8:59 pm - Reply

    That’s lovely Denver. I love hearing how you’re doing. You are one sassy lady with a good positive mental attitude and a little bit of hippy thrown in for good measure.couldn’t love you more.
    Aunty Soo. Xx

  2. Maureen Cuss April 26, 2016 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    So beautiful love, you are a wonderful person and you doing so well and thank you. Xxxxxxxx

  3. Sallyann Keizer April 26, 2016 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    Hi Denver – it’s lovely to hear from you – and how you are getting on. You always express yourself so beautifully and I am so glad you are finding benefits from the work. Although we haven’t met, I visualise you happy and grateful with all those loving people around you, and it’s a lovely thing to do that just from reading your blogs.

    I hope that we will all meet up at the Happynesshub summer BBQ and you will introduce us to some delightful vegan recipes! In the meantime enjoy the last week, please keep being kind to yourself, and shining your beautiful light not just on all of those around who are lucky enough to be in your life, but on yourself too.

    Love, Sally

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