Having a catch up since my last blog. I don’t do kindness to my self very well as I’m more happier being kind to others, so thought I’d give it a go. Unfortunately, had some sad news on Wednesday so that didn’t happen apart from family and friends being kind to me like the daisy/dandelion necklace made for me at work.

It hasn’t stopped me doing the daily challenges as focusing on something else has helped me through the last few days – it’s just taken till now to write about them. Also just about finished writing my letters to some special people.

I’ve had a good laugh listening to Sally on Sunday as I fully agree about decluttering and the feeling it gives you when you finally let go of things is amazing. Had a big declutter a few weeks ago was so proud of the space I had made until I realized I’d  throwing  my daughters car keys away, unfortunately she only had one set – oops.

Will declutter with caution this week.

Love Lesley X