These 21 days have flown past and I can honestly say that every day has been a gift. Waiting for little parcels of digitally delivered delights right into my Inbox wondering what I was going to learn today (move over Birchbox,you got nothing on this!).

Happynesshub had so many tools to offer and many resonated with me, especially:-

Day 2 – Making a list of happy things and picking one to do. This felt so indulgent and upped my happy levels instantly.

Day 4 – Taking time out of a stressful day for a two min meditation. I learnt that I always have two minutes to take out of a stressful day in order to move towards feeling better.

Day 8 – Deciding out of 10 how happy I’m going be for the day- I found out that I happily committed to my decision no matter what went on all day!

Day 12 – Choosing and playing my favourite happy songs. It made such a difference listening to them in the morning than any other time. Instant mood boosting guaranteed.

Day 14 – Decluttering. I am the clutter Queen (always clean but never tidy and it really does add to my stress levels. Why do I even do it to myself?!!) I have been getting rid of an item a day and intend to work on this area more in the days to come.

Day 15 -Making a list of how you limit your happiness and trying not to do that for the day. This was a really important lesson for me and I found out some surprising things, mainly that whilst I mostly had a handle on my behaviours, it was actions that I WASN’T taking that were stopping me from experiencing my true happiness. For example immersing myself fully in my creative projects that would fulfill my hearts desires! Not quite sure why I’ve been doing this to myself,but I will be exploring this further.

In short this is what it comes down to for me is this:-

  • Gratitude is key in feeling my true inner happiness.
  • I have a choice despite what is going on in my life. Do I want to be happy or not? It really is that simple.
  • I have a responsibility to tend to my own happiness. I am my own Prince Charming and it’s my job to come to my own emotional rescue first off (thank you Kate Northrup from Financial Freedom Fridays,who initially posed the idea as a financial one. I later adapted it to suit my own needs because it’s totally empowering not to mention fun to feel you’ve got your own back).
  • Am I going to learn the tools and put them into practice?
  • Sometimes I will be so happy about putting things in practice.
  • Sometimes there’ll be resistance but those are probably because they are the things I need to work on the most.
  • Sometimes the answers will be obvious and sometimes I have to dig a little deeper, sometimes finding things out about myself will ‘irrimatate’ me (because now I’ll have to figure it out).
  • Sometimes things will happen that make me feel unmotivated to work on myself.
  • But that it’s completely okay.
  • It’s about being kind taking a time out and starting all over again tomorrow.
  • Baby steps are still steps in the right direction.
  • This is a journey to be enjoyed and savoured. I don’t think there’s an end to this road.
  • I will always keep adding to what I’ve learnt because there will always be the motivation to be happy and learn more in order to keep being happy.

In short the 21 days have allowed me to give myself some amazing tools to help make me more happy. To teach me about different ways that we can help ourselves on the way.

All the exercises are unique and special and I have made notes on each and every day as I intend to go back and revisit them all with more mindfulness over the next few months.

The videos have really added depth to the daily exercises and Marta’s meditations have truly been magical and it’s a unique part of this toolkit. They’ve let me move and breathe in ways that I wouldn’t have  on a daily basis making me more relaxed and receptive to the information being shared.

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to have access to this amazing toolkit, with its richness and quality, so thank you Sally and the team for all your hard work and putting it together in a way that makes it a delight to use.

Much love, Kam xxx