This third lockdown has perhaps felt the hardest of them all for many. But I think this moment, on the precipice of spring and on the road out of lockdown, is a great one to reflect on the good things that have sprung from lockdown. So, I asked the team at Happynesshub HQ to share a few thoughts on what they are looking forward to sustaining from here on out.

So what are my fellow colleagues grateful for from these past months – and would thus like to sustain?


  • Realising that focussing on what you can do rather than what you can’t do is a valuable modus operandi and leads to all sorts of sustaining projects.
  • Discovering that George (my son) is a really good cook and has stepped up to be the main house shopper and chef – I’d like that to continue after lockdown but it probably won’t as he’ll doubtless move out!


  • Taking joy in the little things, such as a nice walk with a friend. I would like my social activities to stay simple like this, and not go back to the cycle of late trains and expensive pints – although, everything in moderation!
  • Conversely, realising how lucky I am when I do leave the house – and taking pleasure in getting ready and making an effort to appreciate the memories we’re making.


  • One thing that lockdown has really given me is a new appreciation for the close friends and family I have. In the far gone days of 2019, life moved so quickly and everyone was so busy that it felt like an impossible task getting five minutes in to text a friend or chat to my family whilst cooking dinner – but since lockdown, I’ve managed to call friends for hours on end, have movie nights with my sisters, zoom tea parties with my nan. It’s given me a new appreciation of the relationships I have, and the realisation that those who love you will always make time for you, even when they’re busy.

So Hubbers, what have been some things you’ve treasured from lockdown? If you’re keen to think of a few, why not try out an activity from the list below!

  1. 5 mins – Write a lockdown gratitude list!
  2. 10 mins – read this article on why lockdown has brought some positive changes
  3. As much time as you’d like – take a look at this list of enjoyable things you can do in lockdown, perhaps do a few and reflect on if there’s anything you’d like to continue after lockdown ends.

For me, I have so very many things to be grateful for from these past months, despite the accompanying sadness and pain on many occasions. And that is one of my ‘things’ – reminding myself very strongly that all of our emotions are OK. And to be accepted. Whatever comes up. Having more of a regular routine has been a real positive for me – as one whose life has historically been rather erratic and spontaneous, it can be fun, but not always conducive to flourishing and good health. But by far the biggest thing I shall take forward is the community spirit and kindness that has emerged all around. COVID has made us all more aware than ever of those who are less fortunate, and that we as a community can each play a part in supporting others in need.