Dear Heroes, Dear Everyone who in any way, any shape or form contributed or/and participated in the re-launch of the Happynesshub.

You all have become such an important, amazing and inspiring community. Whether you are one of the Heroes or you wrote a sentence or two on our forum, or whether you quietly took a part in the 21-Days to Happiness, you all have become a throbbing heart of what is about to become a truly big movement of the HH venture. Thanks to you and everyone behind the scenes the HH is expanding, growing and gathering more and more momentum and the more we share, talk about it and spread the word, the more we can spread the happyness toolkit.

It has been so amazing reading your posts, entries on the forum, listening to your songs and watching your vlogs. It has been a truly inspirational journey for me too, getting to know all of you a little better. As you may have guessed, there is more to come from the the Happynesshub in the future!

I’m writing this farewell  post from an airport lounge, going away for two weeks. Feeling happy about it for many reasons, but one of them is knowing that I’ll  have time to revisit your blogs, vlogs, happy songs and forum posts and immerse myself  in them again. So don’t be  surprised if you suddenly find a messge or comment from me on your Day Four post. I will be there to read it all again. For me this is the beginning all over again.

The “21 Days to Happiness” relaunch has come to an end, but, you have not stopped being Happyness Heroes, nor have we ceased being the HH team. Nothing stops, none of this comes to an end. If anything, it is the opposite. From the January  launch and April relaunch we’ve  gained such momentum, that Sally and I are taking the HH to the US! Wish us luck.

My final thought here is: lets continue SHARING. Let’s keep going. As you share your thoughts, stories, learnings, observations on happiness and your journey, you are very likely to inspire others to do something that has been sleeping within, dormant, waiting to be awakened. It could be a desire to write, it could be a journey that needs to be taken, it could be a mountain that you have abandoned half way, years ago, and you are up for it again. It could be happiness actually.

Sometimes you don’t even know how much your words or actions can move others.

So keep SHARING. Keep breathing; keep smiling.

With love,