A while ago I wrote a blog about Millefeuile– or more to the point about how layers of stress can build up and it’s these multiple layers that make life hard to cope with. I then shared how kind friends and family had helped me take these stresses away, slowly and thoughtfully supporting me in my journey. So with World Kindness Day today, I wanted to share with you my latest thoughts on creamy patisserie products and layers.

I am happy to say that just as the layers of stress were removed, that cleared the way for new layers of positivity to be added. Supported again by friends and loved ones, I first of all as you know looked long and hard at Day 2 of the 21 Days to Happiness and ‘followed my joy’ with activities I love but had lost. First came yoga, then netball, and finally my oh so fabulous ‘mermaiding’! Then arrived the early morning dog walks with my friend Dimple and my brother (upcoming blog, beware!); as well as taking time out with friends for simple conversation – a brunch here, an avocado toast there. As the layers of stress peeled away, the layers of positivity slowly built up. So much so I felt it was time for a really thick and very sweet additional layer and so booked a sabbatical until Christmas (hello from the skies on my way to Malaysia!).

Three months later, my life, health and happiness is very different from where it was before – and so much of this is due to KINDNESS, and the support of family and friends, so many of whom have truly made a difference practically, emotionally and otherwise.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Kindness as we know from Day 9 is known to deliver so many benefits not just to the recipient but to the deliverer of that kindness too. So Hubbers, today is World Kindness Day – let’s all go out and share the love. Kindness is such a simple thing, yet with all its simplicity it has the power to truly transform lives and the world.

Happy World Kindness Day Hubbers!