Excitedly woke up this morning in a foul mood, which is quite unlike me (my ego there just needed to reinforce a good first impression… please don’t see me as “the grumpy one”). I feel a bit under the weather and have the Monday blues. I thought though that this was probably the best day to start the *clears throat* “21 Days to Happyness” (to save my fingers, it’ll now be called 21D2H). I was ready to relax. (R2R). I needed to switch off (N2SO).

Suddenly the mind kicked in and I was like a steam train trying to get to the end of the exercises. It was as if I was suddenly operating on 15 levels, trying to absorb everything, assimilate everything. I found my gratitude diary and had it poised for use later tonight.  I really wanted to get it.

In the process of slowing down, I made a note of some of the 15 thousand relaxing, centred and focussed thoughts I had over the 20 mins.

Sally’s video:

What a lovely lounge she’s sitting in.
I’ve got those multicoloured drawers behind her.
She looks great with that hair cut.
They are using two cameras.
They’ll need to grade that second camera – it looks a bit blue.
I should buy a second camera.
Who do I know that could grade it for me if it comes out a different colour to the other camera?
I’m enjoying this video.

Message – something about gratitude. (No time to worry about that though as there’s Marta’s stretches to do).

Marta’s stretches:

I like Marta’s yoga bottoms, I wonder if they do them for men?
How can I see what she’s doing when I’m lying on the floor?
I should buy a yoga mat.
I’ll go to TK Maxx today and get a yoga mat.
I like the name “Magical Marta”.
I thought Marta’s hair was lighter – maybe it’s the lighting.
I could get a yoga mat online, it could be cheaper than TK Maxx.

Message – Something about breathing and stretching.


The washing machine is distracting me.
I think my housemate is in and I’m sitting crossed legged on the sofa.
What’s the main tip of today? Gratitude?
I’m doing well at this.
I think I will go to TK Maxx to get that yoga mat.

Now I’m sitting here in high alert waiting for something to happen and thinking I can’t switch off, I need to do something.

I think I need a because. I need to see what the because is in all this to justify this level of action. I never thought being so inactive could be so active.

Oh well, there’s always the gratitude diary later to focus on.
Maybe I’m just grumpy.
I’ll go and get that yoga mat.